Amplifier “The Octopus” Directors Cut


Promo for UK band Amplifier, and the third in a series I directed from their critically acclaimed album “The Octopus”. Released to coincide with the Vinyl reissue of this seminal prog masterpiece!

Thanks to my amazing crew, and the band.

DOP: Julius Beltrame
Producer: Belle Palmer
Camera: Laura Henry
Camera and Dolly: John Angless
Actor: Martin Cowan
Actor and crew: John Palmer
Runner: Sylvia Gazza
Title Graphics: Joseph Rufian
Illustrations: Paul Hallows
Director, Editor, VFX: Adriano Gazza

Thanks to Colin Perrett

“You got the Love” Music Video – Paula


Artist: Paula Francis

DOP: Daniel Basson
Producer: Pat Bishow
Production Coordinator and Concepts: Riannah Mccauley
Editor and Concepts: Rachel Reed
Lighting and Sound: Joshua Tan
Director: Adriano Gazza

A 7 hour project from conception to final edit.

This was a team building/pressure exercise. We had no idea what we would be doing at the beginning of the day, whom we would be filming, or what kit we would have etc.

We had 1 hour to storyboard and shot list before our talent arrived (the lovely and beautifully voiced Paula Francis)

We were also thrown technical curveballs through the day! Also, Paula had to sing live over a backing track, which we recorded live.

We worked together really well as a team, considering we hadn’t all worked together before the day, and it turned out beautifully!

Shot at City Academy, Farringdon, London (, and on Location in Farringdon.

Queen – “Sheer Heart Attack”

My entry for the Queen / Talenthouse Sheer Heart Attack video competition. I was really excited that this finished in the top 5 of the global competition, as chosen by Roger Taylor and Brian May of Queen, and director David Mallet. An honour indeed! A motion graphics piece using the lyrical themes of adolescence, and punk inspired imagery to reflect the pace and era the song was released, and the fact it was a band reaction to the punk music of the day.

Animation and design: Adriano Gazza / Footage © Queen
Talenthouse blog.
Queen’s Official site.