A short film shot in a few hours whilst studying at the London Film Academy in November 2018. Directed by Adriano Gazza

Written by James Beacon

Cinematography by Michael Fischer

Starring George Morgan and Eysis Clacken

Crew from LFA Cinematography course

Music: Sighted by Moby. Courtesy of

VFX and Editing by Adriano Gazza

Terminator Dark Fate

Adobe joined up with Terminator Dark Fate to ask people to remix their movie trailer. I went for a modern title sequence style, influenced by the likes of True Detective and others. #CreateYourFate

My Career Map

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.39.46 PM

Animation for MHFI showcasing the Career path open to employees. I worked with an agency who developed the vector graphics, which I animated then translated into 3d in Cinema 4D for the final section. I used Mixamo for the character walk cycles then took the fbx data into C4D for rendering and final output.


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.37.57 PM.png

Recruitment video for MHFI. I directed and created the graphics for this, working with a fantastic crew. Sadly due to branding changes this was never used, but I’m extremely proud of the final product and had a great experience making it!

Shot on an Arri Alexa at Mount Pleasant Studios, London.

Laura Henry – DOP
Mark Emberton – Assistant DOP
Ray Moody – DIT/Camera Assistant
Pinball Technician: Geoffrey Harvey
Jim Boorer – Grip
Peter Brimson – Gaffer
Emma Pierce – Production/Stills
Jeremy Sheldon – Script
Fourth Wall Creative – Vinyls
Adriano Gazza – Director

Acting talent
Lauren Nicoll
Indy Bolina
Sandra Raymond
Jozef Aoki